OPPEN-RUN 2018 at 18.06.10

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OPPEN-RUN 2018 at 18.06.10

3. August 2018 Allgemein 0
Name: OPPEN-run period: June Rhythm: Every two years, next run 2020 charity or donation run: Yes last number of participants: 1000 Time recording: chip integrated into running number, included in Start fee
The Oppen-run 2018 is over. One of the largest and popular runs took place on the 10.06.18. Here is a great article in the General newspaper: article in the AZ of the 11.06.18 of Beate Nietzel Oppenheim -“Every sweat drop flows for the good cause”: What the patron, the Mainzer whether Michael Ebling, shortly before the start moderator Markus Appelmann in the Micro notes, Must be taken literally on this sunny Sunday. Almost 1000 runners take part in the second op (P) en-run, arguably the biggest running event of Rhenish Hesse. And in terms of perspiration, the encouraging words from spectators, among other things, must respect the appearance of Eric Eisen, while the bottom of the house runs over the long distance in a minion plush costume. Other participants, who have actually done more, listen to body and heat and finish after five kilometers. “The Times reached are not at all in the focus,” explains Peter Kunze, explaining the idea of the benefit spectacle for the whole family, whose proceeds this time equally to the support society for tumor-and leukemia-sick Children and the youth Department of FSV. Nevertheless, it is of course electronically measured on the second, and large and small runners, whether elementary or senior, whether trained or with a few kilos too much on the ribs, can be continuously updated on the large screen under dark tarpaulin Track placement and times on the 5-, 10-or 21-kilometer distance – like Winfried Kraus and his team from the Oppenheimer Old Centre, the running friends from Guntersblum, the Alzey, the ladies of “dance spirit” from Eimsheim and countless single starters. One of the most extensive journeys was probably made by Klaus Fanning: especially from Dresden the passionate runner from the related circle of an orga-team member came, who wore the T-shirt of the first Oppen-run at the New York Marathon 2017. The first child turns the 13-year-old Iven to the target straight after about 20 minutes – no wonder, the young Dienheimer is still recognizing himself as a triathlete. Luka, on the other hand, has the least stress, because the one-year-old is pushed by Mama Charlotte and Papa Kris from Nierstein alternately in his jogger stroller over the ten kilometers. Not only the two organizers Peter Kunze and Alex Kuhn – who had felt some anxious moments in the face of the nocturnal thunderstorm – as well as FSV chairman Gerhard Horn, also Landrätin Dorothea Schäfer, the designated Oppenheimer Mayor Walter Jackson and Culture-State secretary Salvatore Barbaro, who runs even the ten kilometers “comfortable but with some ambition”, will give thanks to the approximately 150 volunteer volunteers. Bananas, countless cups and medals are only a fraction of the work. Hunger and thirst-quenching burgers and sausages fresh from the grill, cakes, crêpes, ice cream, popcorn and beverage stalls. Holger Shock at the micro moderates the run, and the employee of “drone productions” lets the surrender camera hover over the chock Landskron Arena and along the running track. The Quad-Squadron of Ben Brandes, first aiders all, is constantly on the road with four vehicles to track down any weakened. In addition to the transport company UPS, employer of Alex Kuhn, which increased the total amount by 45 000 dollars two years ago, the Rewe market, the insurance office pepper and Rosbacher, are among the sponsors. In addition, there are almost 20 other supporting groups and companies.

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