Mi Electronic Personal Scales-Body Composition Scale

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Mi Electronic Personal Scales-Body Composition Scale

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Mi Electronic Personality Scales-Body Composition Scale Xiaomi Mi lpn4013gl

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Muscle mass, BMI, body fat, bone mass and more

Know yourself better through the precise disclosure-this is what the Mi Body Composition Scale Libra promises. In addition to body weight, this scale indicates other important points with which you get a realistic picture of your own health and fitness. The scales determine one's own muscle mass, calculate the BMI, indicate the bone mass and determine how much actual body fat the body has. In addition, the scale shows how much visceral fat a person has. Visceral fat is different from abdominal fat and is located deep in the abdominal region where it surrounds the organs.

Comparison with other people

In addition, the Mi Body Composition Scale helps to stay motivated by working towards your personal goal using an app and comparing it with other people. The app also shows how many calories the body consumes during rest periods. The so-called "body score" is an overall evaluation of the body composition, which can also be seen in the appropriate app on the smartphone. Also practical is the water indication, which indicates the amount of fluid in the body in a percentage. Thanks to complex algorithms and advanced bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA), your own health goals can be achieved with the scales.

Synchronization with Mi Fit app

The scale is constantly synchronizing with the Mi Fit app, which we already know from the Amazfit GDP and shows all the information precisely at a glance. As a result, the app adapts perfectly to its own training plan.

Everyone has their own profile

On top of that, the whole family can have their own profile. Conveniently, the scale not only identifies children and adults individually, but also automatically identifies each individual person. Up to 16 user profiles can be created.

Economical consumption – up to eight months

The Mi Body uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which is why the scale works with only 4 normal AAA batteries for up to 8 months. The scale is slip-proof, even on wet feet. The display of the scale is hidden until it lights up after three second push with LED light.

Simplified design in white

With its simple white design, it blends perfectly into the home. It is also very narrow at just under 15 mm at its thinnest point.  


  • Size 300mm x 300mm x 20mm
  • Weight 1.6 kg
  • Material ABS (Plastic)
  • Weight range 5 kg-150 kg
  • Unit adjustable: Kilograms, pounds
  • Accuracy: 50 g
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Working temperature 0-40°C
  • Batteries: 4x AAA
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 and up, as well as iOS 8.0 and up

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