Flexible shoelaces in test

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Flexible shoelaces in test

16. September 2018 Allgemein Laufschuhe 0

Flat shoes in summer, sport shoes when running-we are glad if we do not have to tie the shoes every time anew. Flexible shoelaces or Hickies replace more and more our familiar traditional tapes. The advantage is obvious. You save the lace and the shoes are quickly tightened. But which laces hold well? What are the differences among the manufacturers?

[amazon_link asins=’B00PKP01JA,B071P6Y2NM,B06XHLNSQ2,B0787HRGBK,B00ADQN6AC’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’all4run04-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’3e71cfbc-bcec-11e8-94fd-9ffc4cd49d2e’]



[Amazon_link asins = ‘ B06Y8XP1X2, B0186Z5QAO ‘ template = ‘ ProductCarousel ‘ store = ‘ all4run04-21 ‘ marketplace = ‘ en ‘ link_id = ‘ 8faf0ea7-b9ba-11e8-ade5-8d79437ec8be ‘] The company that has put this Hickies on the market got subsidized with the Kickstarter project almost 160,000 USD. The benefits are clearly defined – the Hickies should completely omit the daily shoe binding. We also ordered a pack and tested it for you. In the test we have the black version, the other shoelaces differ only in color. Material and handling are always the same. The delivered Hickies are contained in an identical length in an elongated pack. The assembly is very simple. After removing the old shoelaces, you can go. The silicone tapes can be easily removed. On one side you have a small loop, the other side provides the counterpart to hold. The protruding silicone nose is hidden in a small hole to make the whole look neat. The new tapes are inserted individually, whether cross or horizontal is a matter of personal taste. Stress with dressing the shoes was yesterday. Just slip into the shoes and have the good feeling of a tied shoe. Our concerns that the shoes are too loose or uncomfortable could be dispersed after the first wear. The Hickies can be ordered in different colours. Just click on top or Google the search term.


Another option is the rubber bands that are fixed with a clip. Here we find only three individual parts, the actual rubber laces, a clipper (fastener) for the laces, which serve for the feast lashing and a final part, which is attached to the end of the shoelaces. Here too, old shoelaces come out-new elastic band Threading. Then the fastener is placed over the cords, a little tightened and the rubber is connected with approx. 2-3 cm. The ends are belten with the final part. Advantage over the Hickies: the voltage is adjustable. This is especially important for running or walking shoes disadvantage compared to the Hickies: the tapes do not last forever. With me, they were scoured after 7 months. At an acquisition price of a few euros this is not bad either. Here too you can buy the tapes in different colours, reflective or not.

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