Fitness tracker EFO SHM

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Fitness tracker EFO SHM

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Fitness tracker EFO SHM

The price is ok.

The EFO SHM fitness tracker is also known as Willful, Yamay or Yoho Sports fitness tracker. Unlike the very cheap colleagues, however, it comes in a cardboard box. The price with approx. €37 not bad either. [amazon _ link asinsressed aque, B07CQWBT6P,B07GZST22C.2C.2CLXT54B.B07MBN9W9P,B07C23V8LLL Q 'template = ' ProductCarousel ' storeehenotorious 'all4run04-21 ' marketplace = ' DE ' link_id='e2b7c38e-f519-4acd-9e18-73b41193ca0b ']

Low functionality

The EFO SHM is well crafted, but the display is 100% visible from every angle. The range of functions is still behind the MI 2. Otherwise, she can do the same: She has a pedometer, measures the pulse and has a sleep tracker. Unlike hardware-like trackers Lige, Yoho Sports, Yamay, Latec etc. EFO SHM has at least one aluminium case. Some descriptions include GPS trackers. This is a mild exaggeration as this only goes in conjunction with a mobile phone. All in all, just a variant to reasonable trackers. For just under double the price, there's Amazfit GDP, which delivers much more for its money. In conjunction with the app VeryFitPro, which is available for Android and Apple, also calls, Whatsapp etc. Signals. However, texts do not appear. For this, you have to resort to slightly larger clocks, such as GDP, pace or stratos. Meanwhile, the watch is available in different prices and with different colors on Amazon.

Here are a few more specifications:

  • Functions: Display of heart rate, time, size, distance and calorie consumption, standard functions (steps, distance, calories), sleep (sleep time, sleep quality), incoming alerts, message, loss stroke arm (found outside the range phone)
  • Works with Android 4.4 and above, IOS 8.0,
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Support
  • Capacity 110 mAh, standby time approx. 10 days, working time approx. 5-7 days, waterproof IP68
  • VeryFitPro APP in Google Playstore and App Store


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