EXCOUP Bluetooth Beanie Hat

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EXCOUP Bluetooth Beanie Hat

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EXCOUP Bluetooth Beanie Hat

[amazon _ link asinsressed ‘e’B07H4PX2V1,B015Q6SGQ2 ‘ template = ‘ ProductCarousel ‘ storeople all4run04-21 ‘ marketplace = ‘ DE ‘ link_id=’fce09c63-102a-11e9-a703-651508815fae ‘]

The Excoup cap with integrated speakers, which can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, makes jogging easier in the cold season. While the cap keeps your ears warm, you don’t have to worry about your headphones falling out while running. The loudspeakers are located directly in the cap and also provide an excellent sound with noticeable bass. H1 Music headset’s reflective cap is thick, soft and large enough to wear over your ears, providing maximum comfort and mobility. The stretch 40% cotton material + 60% acrylic makes it suitable for everyone in size.

Easy to use

At the side of the cap are small buttons that allow you to adjust the volume, song and more, depending on your preference, without having to use your mobile phone. The cap is 100% acrylic and is therefore very soft.

Hat is washable

If the cap gets dirty, you can take out the speaker and simply wash the cap.

Long battery life

The built-in Li polymer battery ensures you can listen to 6-8 hours of music and can be recharged at the USB port within 2 – 3 hours. Even in rain or snow, the cap holds up as the speaker is waterproof.

Good Bluetooth suitability

With the widely used Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR, the cap can be connected to almost any device. The coupling is also associated with the Amazfit GDP or Amazfit Verge and Pace possible.

Inexpensive and useful

In addition, the beanie is very inexpensive and is available from as little as 16.99 euros. At Amazon, the cap is a bestseller and makes the lives of many runners who like to listen to music during sports.


Bluetooth version: V4.2+EDR frequency: 2.402GHz-2.480Ghz Transmission Distance: 10m/33feet Battery: 3.7V/200mA Li-Polymer Playtime: 8 hours standby time: Up to 120 hours charging time: 2.5 hours compatible with smartphones (Andorid & IOS), tablet and many more Bluetooth-enabled devices


Bluetooth Beanie Micro USB charging cable manual


  1. Before using the Bluetooth cap, please use the USB cable to charge it first. 2. Coupling: Press the ONE AUS button of the control panel, you see the blue-red light flashing, it flashes. Automatically switches to coupling mode. 3. Make sure you have the Bluetooth turned on your phone, look for the headset model on it. 4. Select the Bluetooth model and click on “Magic Hat” to connect.

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