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Fitness tracker Willful

[amazon _ link asinsressed et-avian B07BXWVL8X,B07HP233YM,B07CJ7JMS5,B07HP3XGH4.B07B4D15NN7 ' template = ' ProductCarousel ' storelaundering 'all4run04-21 ' marketplace = ' DE ' link_id='378b98ba -68ac-4ba7-9a4a-4ef904572fc1 '] [amazon _ link asinsressed Kaya B07GF18WHJ,B07H2ZHX6FettB07H2Y9WCJ,B07F7X68VW ' template = ' ProductCarousel ' storeefo 'all4run04-21 ' marketplace = ' DE ' link_id='a572d1e2-2d49-4123-b6e6-006f2b60f4 '] Fitness tracker Willful The price is ok. Fitness tracker Willful…

15. Februar 2019 0

Mi Electronic Personal Scales-Body Composition Scale

Mi Electronic Personality Scales-Body Composition Scale Xiaomi Mi lpn4013gl [amazon _ link asinsciliie 'B077Q9BWFJ,B07679MJRM,B07H6PSN41,B00WDZJJCU ' template = ' ProductCarousel ' store1958 'all4run04-21 ' marketplace = ' DE ' link_id='bfecf6e3-3e40-489e -92ea-4dbd6805e9b1 '] Muscle mass, BMI, body fat, bone mass and more Know yourself better through the precise disclosure-this is what the Mi Body Composition Scale Libra…

23. Januar 2019 0

EXCOUP Bluetooth Beanie Hat

EXCOUP Bluetooth Beanie Hat [amazon _ link asinsressed ‘e’B07H4PX2V1,B015Q6SGQ2 ‘ template = ‘ ProductCarousel ‘ storeople all4run04-21 ‘ marketplace = ‘ DE ‘ link_id=’fce09c63-102a-11e9-a703-651508815fae ‘] The Excoup cap with integrated speakers, which can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, makes jogging easier in the cold season. While the cap keeps your ears warm, you don’t…

4. Januar 2019 0

Amazfit Stratos

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace 2 Stratos Amazfit Stratos 2 at Gearbest Ideal for running The Xiaomi Amazfit Pace 2 Stratos smartwatch, a successor to the Amazfit Pace, not only offers the opportunity to display text messages to phone calls and alternative app notifications of the mobile phone. Thanks to integrated GPS/GLONASS and 4GB of internal storage…

23. Dezember 2018 0

Amazfit Verge

Huami Amazfit Verge Huami is a Chinese technology manufacturer specializing in Wearebles, among others. For example, here are the Amazfit Bip, the Amazfit Strato and the Amazfit Pace. There is also the Fitnesstracker of the Mi Band series, here Mi2 and Mi3. The Amazfit Smartwatches are also distributed in Germany. The manufacturer does not need…

20. September 2018 0

Flexible shoelaces in test

Flat shoes in summer, sport shoes when running-we are glad if we do not have to tie the shoes every time anew. Flexible shoelaces or Hickies replace more and more our familiar traditional tapes. The advantage is obvious. You save the lace and the shoes are quickly tightened. But which laces hold well? What are…

16. September 2018 0

Adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX

[Amazon_link asins = ' B073RJ42F9, B0793JS19K, B0779GZGFR ' template = ' ProductCarousel ' store = ' all4run04-21 ' marketplace = ' en ' link_id = ' 2fbb07fb-b5e3-11e8-a13e-9b9189b626b7 '] A post by Alena Tests The adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX is a waterproof running shoe that performs as a Test winner with a top result at testberichte.de…

11. September 2018 0

Fitness tracker Yoho Sports

[amazon _ link asinsressed ‘o B07F3J6LQT.B07F16KHWJ.B07F6B2CKQ.B07F13H79X ‘temon plate = ‘ ProductCarousel ‘ storeople all-time 4run04-21 ‘ marketplace = ‘ DE ‘ link_id=’d0b93a7b-a0cd-11e8-a829-13ded16b3323 ‘] Fitness tracker Yoho Sports The watch, described somewhere in the Facebook commercials in colorful colors, was on our desk after only a few weeks. Packed in a bag of Chinese characters in…

15. August 2018 5

Xiaomi Mi 2 en

[amazon_link asins=’B01HLBPCZ8,B071XD1DR6,B01N011RPS,B01M4G592W’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’all4run04-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’ae4d6a16-bced-11e8-82fd-014d00168674′] This fitness tracker was my wife’s companion for two years. In addition to the lightness, she also enjoyed the small size. Several tests in parallel with GPS clocks showed the amazing accuracy of this watch. Features include a detachable bracelet, a two-line graphic display and a heart rate measurement.…

12. August 2018 0

OPPEN-RUN 2018 at 18.06.10

Name: OPPEN-run period: June Rhythm: Every two years, next run 2020 charity or donation run: Yes last number of participants: 1000 Time recording: chip integrated into running number, included in Start fee The Oppen-run 2018 is over. One of the largest and popular runs took place on the 10.06.18. Here is a great article in…

3. August 2018 0