Asics Accelerate Jacket

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Asics Accelerate Jacket

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Asics Accelerate Jacket

The Asics Accelerate Jacket is an Asics windbreaker. The brand is best known for good sporting goods for jogging. Their shoes and sportswear are high-quality and functional. [amazon _ link asinsressed Kay-about B0765NV3MT,B01MY0FJBL.B01MRZL7XZ,B076GW5PQX,B01ICWWWWG,B079L7MS1W ' template = ' ProductCarousel ' storewards 'all4run04-21 ' marketplace = ' DE ' link_id='524359fd-daa3-11e8-b996-cb87d9e7069e ']

Asics Accelerate is perfect for running

The Asics Accelerate Jacket is particularly well suited for running. Both ladies and gentlemen can wear the jacket, which is available in black, orange, blue, burgundy and green, among other colours. Moisture is carried outwards during the jacket. Thanks to the breathability and the pleasant fabric, there is a high level of comfort. The model is especially intended for spring and autumn.

Temperatures around zero? No problem

Even with temperatures around zero, it doesn't get cold. In bad weather conditions, the jacket keeps warm and dry. Due to the various reflectors on the chest, back and hood, safety is granted even in the early morning or late evening. The jacket has a continuous zipper and practical, large zip pockets. The hood is tight on the head, so it doesn't slide down when running. It can be pulled tighter again by a rubber train. The hood is sewn on and cannot be removed. The model has a chin protector.

Water repellent and winproof

Due to the Motion Protect technology used, the material is water-repellent and windproof. The jacket adapts to the body and lies comfortably on the skin due to its lightness. The jacket does not make any rustling noises when running. The high-quality workmanship guarantees a long shelf life.

From £60 to be available in many colours

The windbreaker is available from 60 euros in different colours and sizes. If you prefer it inconspicuous, you're in the right place when it comes to the version in black. For people who prefer to wear colourful clothes or stand out from the crowd, there are colours such as green and orange. There is a colour variation for each type. The model year is 2017. The jacket has a simple, modern design. On average, the jacket reaches 4 to 5 stars in tests.

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