Xiaomi Amazfit Pace

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Xiaomi Amazfit Pace

23. Juli 2018 Allgemein 2

Amazfit Pace

[Amazon_link asins = ' B071DQQDVT, B01MUSBROU ' template = ' ProductCarousel ' store = ' all4run04-21 ' marketplace = ' en ' link_id = ' 88e78869-9721-11e8-8e09-eb0d380a3461 '] For two years I have been the Xiaomi Amazfit pace. A watch with many strengths and small weaknesses! To the details:


The watch has a ceramic frame, which after a year of continuous wear as well as the display of Gorilla Glass does not have a scratch. The watch has a high quality. A plastic bracelet in black and red can probably be sent, but I have not yet tried. To me personally, the watch is almost too big. In comparison, the Amazfit GDP appears much easier, with smaller display (also Gorilla Glass) and polycarbonate housing


There is absolutely no grip on the price. The watch has barometers for height measurement and a compass. The battery keeps at me with constant pulse measurement approx. 5-6 days. This is probably due to the transflective display. In bright light it is perfectly readable. In the dark, the backlight can be activated. The watch is waterproof. It should be noted that I do not entirely trust this. Why do I describe below. Satellite positioning via GPS and the Russian GLONASS works perfectly and quickly. />


The functions can be controlled by a touch screen and a side button. You can install 29 different skins. This is done via the Amazfit app, which must be installed on the mobile phone. You can also save your own image.


In addition to the popups of WhatsApp (text only, images are not shown), mails and other messengers, the clock displays incoming calls with names. It is possible to disprove calls. You can't make phone calls over the clock. The signaling is basically only via vibration. The strength can be adjusted. In addition, the weather, compass, air pressure, Schlafrythmus, sports activities, stored music (for this, 4 GB for approx. 150 titles are available) or individual training programs are displayed.

The main thing: Run!

When running, the watch will find GPS/GLONASS after a few seconds after selecting the sport. So it can be started directly. During the race you can see different data. The pulse is measured and displayed permanently. Due to the built-in barometer, a relatively accurate height measurement is also possible and thus the evaluation of the height profile. You can also see the route you have set, but without a card. The watch is largely waterproof. I only had the problem once after swimming that the battery only lasted for one day. I guess that was a moisture problem. [/fsn_text]. [/fsn_column]. [/fsn_row].

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  2. Sorry, ich beugte sich hier die man weder schön noch
    praktisch ist. Nun ja, aber das Preisschild ist nichts anderes als das.
    Jemand kauft sogar solche szkaradstwa? Dies ist nicht der Stil und der Boden und sogar zu welchem ​​Preis.

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