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Amazfit Stratos

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Xiaomi Amazfit Pace 2 Stratos

Amazfit Stratos 2 at Gearbest

Ideal for running

The Xiaomi Amazfit Pace 2 Stratos smartwatch, a successor to the Amazfit Pace, not only offers the opportunity to display text messages to phone calls and alternative app notifications of the mobile phone. Thanks to integrated GPS/GLONASS and 4GB of internal storage on long runs, it can work without a paired mobile phone.

Bluetooth pairs headphones and plays music stored on the clock

Headphones can be connected to the Amazfit Pace 2 Stratos via Bluetooth. In this way, you can listen to music stored on the clock to stay motivated while running at all times. The Amazfit Pace 2 Stratos provides, on command, all the essential information to remain active in sports.

All information at the touch of a button

It can display information such as step count, distance, heartbeat, sleep habits but also information about the weather, height differences, compass, stopwatch or running rhythm remain no secret.

Stylish, robust and waterproof

As a premium model, the Amazfit Pace 2 Stratos is not only a stylish accessory, but an equally essential and robust tool for training optimization. With water resistance up to 50m water depth, there are few sports she can't keep up with.

Battery lasts 35 hours at full load, otherwise even 5 days

Even if all performance features-GPS, heart measurement, screen, music, etc-run consistently, the battery usually lasts 35 hours. With normal use without GPS, etc. However, the Amazfit Pace 2 Stratos only needs to go to the charging station every 5 days. Verdict The watch looks stylish, but has hardly brought any improvements to the much cheaper pace in terms of software. You should compare both watches carefully before buying them. In addition to appearance, this watch is supported by very robust workmanship. A cheap alternative to the Pace/Stratos series is the smaller Amazfit GDP, which is now very common and appeals mainly to women because of its smaller size.

Technical data:

Art No.: OSUU06 Type Smartwatch Color Black nous 08515777924 Series Amazfit Activity Features; Activity log, GPS speed, heart rate ranges, calorie consumption, route guidance, sleep monitoring, pedometer, training planning/-profile, traveled distance processor clock frequency 1200 MHz memory capacity total 512 MB Display image 3.4 centimeters (1.34 inches) resolution 320 x 300 pixel touchscreen available data storage: Total capacity 4 GB sound: Microphone non-existent connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 locating GPS, GLONASS features media player, Accelerometer, compass (magnetometer), ambient light sensor, 3-axis gyrosensor, pulse sensor, barometer protective functions splash protected power battery capacity 280 mAh Continuous operation: 35 hours Note System Language: English & Chinese ( Please pay attention to the global version here!) Feature 5 ATM (50m) Waterproof Accessories Charger Weight 60 grams [amazon _ link asinsasitic B07CR7VGN3.B07C3QCGZL,B07CBSYM1R,B07JWWWWWWWWWWW 778HV,B07F3CTGYD 'template = ' ProductCarousel ' storeost'all4run04-21 ' marketplace = ' DE ' link_id='cd534661-06d8-11e9-b285-7d419996b2fa ']

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