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Amazfit BIP

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Amazfit BIP

The Amazfit BIP is the spiced up version of the Mi Band II. It is also known as Xiaomi Youth. We also see it as a low cost variant of the Amazfit pace. This watch was actually developed by the same company called Huami, but this time it was run under its own name ‘ Amazfit ‘. Like Mi Volume 2, Amazfit BIP works with the MiFit app. In this way, parallels can also be seen from the menu guidance. Also the price-performance ratio is outstanding as with the Xiaomi Mii fit again. But the Amazfit BIP can be more: GPS and Glossnass, color touch display and compass are only part of our test at a price of partly below 70 euros.


Amazfit BIP is a Spartan instruction manual in Chinese/English. This is also very tiny written, so you probably will have no success in the commissioning. Here is a short version in German:

  • Via the mobile phone mi fit in Google Playstore or Find the Apple App Store
  • Switch on the clock (if necessary before loading)
  • Display shows the search mode
  • Activate Blutooth on the mobile phone and go to the Blutooth menu with long presses (Android)
  • Enable search if not already started automatically
  • Amazfit BIP -there may still be a security query that needs to be confirmed
  • The clock now drives feels forever updates and settings
  • After complete installation (clock shows time) MI fit can be started.
  • Here are now more settings, such as push-up notifications etc. set.


The watch is light-weight with a high-quality finish of 31 G. It is protected by Gorilla Glass and can be “dipped” since it is waterproof to IP67. Compared to the Amazfit pace, it is just as dense, but much lighter and much smaller.


The display of Amazfit BIP is 1.25 inches in size, which corresponds to 22.5 x 22.5 millimeters. A relatively high resolution of 176 x 176 pixels also means that smaller fonts can be easily read. The display is a permanently active transflective LCD color display with touch function. In bright light it is very easy to read. In the dark or twilight, the backlight is switched on when the display is tilted on the wrist. Alternatively, you can do this via the side button.

Battery and connection

According to the manufacturer, the clock lasts 45 days. We can absolutely confirm this value! For a watch of this category already a super performance! A connection with the outside world is only possible via Bluetooth. The mobile phone is linked via Android or Apple via the Mii-fit app. The first installation ran on our watch long and not exactly liquid. There are several third-party apps. Here we can definitely recommend “Notify & Fittness for Amazfit”. This Android app works great with the clock together.

The main thing: Run!

When running, the watch will find GPS/GLONASS after a few seconds after selecting the sport. So it can be started directly. During the race you can see different data. The pulse is measured and displayed permanently. Due to the built-in barometer, a relatively accurate height measurement is also possible and thus the evaluation of the height profile. You can also see the route you have set, but without a card.

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