Affiliate Guide

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Affiliate Guide with Amazon

This affiliate guide will take you through the installation. Remember to disable your adblocker, otherwise you won’t be able to see all the results. You can find possibilities here:

What is an affiliate?

Affiliate Systems Affiliate “links”) are Internet-based distribution types, where usually a commercial provider (e.g. Amazon) its distribution partners (e.g. You) paid through commissions. The principle is simple. Visitors to your home page click on an embedded product link from Amazon. You get money. Interesting for you as Amazon Advertising partner: When you visit the Amazon page via your homepage, a 24h token is set. You will receive a commission for each product ordered by the visitor during this time. The height depends on the type of product and varies between 1 and 10% of the sales value. Example: Max pattern visits your homepage, e.g. He is digging through the contributions and discovering a contribution about Amazfit GDP. There, he clicks on the relevant Amazon link to get the current prices and information. Max pattern has seen enough for the first time, does not buy Amazfit GDP and dedicates itself again to other jobs. Now he wants to buy something from Amazon. and attention! He buys a ladies perfume, a refrigerator, a toothbrush etc. For every product which he orders within 24 hours (from the moment of clicking on you will receive a commission as an advertising partner! This means that he does not have to buy the originally clicked product, but a product!

The hook

It doesn’t exist. For the time being, it means a lot of work to build a page with appropriate content if you don’t already have it. Of course this page must also be found and visited. If you get the idea to animate friends and acquaintances, it can work, but it will eventually be blocked by Amazon. That is, for these people you will not get a commission (more).

Yes I want

Also earn money by the way. What’s next?

  1. Join Amazon PartnerNet- you should know that your application is being tested. Your homepage should already have some content. With a “instead uptight” page I was rejected first.
  2. You will receive a confirmation from Amazon, alternatively you can log in with your data occasionally at and check. You need to find your partner ID in the top right.
  3. One possibility is to embed the HTML code directly into your homepage. This is the simplest before we work with various tools for WordPress. To embed, you go to “create partner Links” in the menu bar of PartnerNet.
  4. There you simply choose your Amazon product, which you would like to apply.

  1. In the next step, you will select “Customise partner link” to the right of the product and come to the last mask

  1. Then copy the HTML code.

  1. Now the insertion into your homepage follows. Since I only work with WordPress here is the way to do this. This should work similarly with any CMS system. Opens the Post/page/the place where you want to have your ad. Selects the text view and inserts the copied HTML code.

And after pasting in the text view, your page should look like this page with Amazon link now.