Adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX

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Adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX

11. September 2018 Allgemein 0

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The adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX is a waterproof running shoe that performs as a Test winner with a top result at and outdoor. It is particularly suitable for sporty tours in nature.  


Through its strong hold and flat Sohlengrip, bumpy paths can be overcome with ease. The model is sealed with an elastic band that works quickly and practically. This means there is no risk of annoyingly tying the shoe during running. The inner sole is removable and can be changed as desired. When worn, the shoe offers a comfortable, sock-like feel. Moreover, it is very comfortable with its rolling behaviour and even after a long day the feet are not tired and a good damping is offered. The running shoe is good for every season. It is not only permeable to air, but also protects against wetness, since it transports moisture very effectively to the outside and the shoe is never sweaty. The shoe is not only a welcome companion for action-packed actions. Even during a leisurely walk in the park, it gives a high wearing comfort. Thanks to its boost midsole, it springs and returns energy after each step.  


90% of users would recommend the Adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX with its perfect fit. The price of the shoe is from approx. €80. This is good value for money, as the model should hold for several years.  It weighs 680 grams and is therefore very light. However, the running shoe is not suitable for long asphalt inserts. Moreover, some testers think that they do not like to go jogging with the shoe, because it is not so stretchy. But that is a matter of taste.  


The shoe is perfect for longer walking or running tours. It adapts well to the foot and the environment and provides sufficient support. The feet are not so fast tired due to the boost in the speed. The price of the Adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX is also perfectly fine and affordable. Most users are very satisfied with the shoe, so we also have a clear buying recommendation.